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If You Have Woodworking Skills, We Need You!

Man building wood box

We are looking for volunteers with skills in basic woodworking and carpentry to help us with bridge building and other potential projects.

Upcoming projects are building two simple footbridges to span small streams along a trail, and installing a post & rail fence to protect an amphibian pool, using pre-cut materials. Future projects might include other bridge or fencing projects, kiosk construction and/or installation, building benches or other seating, bird box construction, etc.

Often construction work can be done solo, in your home workshop if you prefer. For many projects, onsite installation will involve working with a few volunteer helpers (we’ll recruit as needed). We’d love help with selection & transport of materials, simple design input, etc.

Our hope is to find a few people who like this sort of work well enough to make themselves generally available when such projects arise – projects would go to whoever is available. Are you one of those people? If so, please contact


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