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Whately Artist Inspired by Nature Sells Pieces to Support Kestrel

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Whately artist George Reynolds is a sculptor who works with metals, making beautiful pendants and mobiles inspired by nature. This fall, you will find some of his new pieces at Quonquont Farm in Whately, and you can support Kestrel’s work when you purchase a pendant or mobile at the farm. One of the pieces was inspired by the wildlife video created by Quonquont’s owner, Allison Bell that captured a barred owl at a vernal pool on Kestrel’s new Whately Center Woods property. George is generously donating 20% of the price of each piece to support Kestrel’s work to conserve the Valley you love. You can see the mobile in the video below.

“I hope that viewers of my … pendants and mobiles will have an experience something akin to the awe one feels when seeing the inspirational beauty in nature. These inspirational moments are the root of our capacity to care about nature itself, and they expand our capacity to see more. And through that caring, we encourage the preservation of these natural wonders for everyone.” –George Reynolds, from Salmon Falls Gallery

Visit the farm in Whately for some delicious fruit or beautiful flowers, and purchase George’s work for a limited time this fall!





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