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Spring Membership Drive: The Power of Love for the Valley

Love Your Valley 2024

I’m so grateful that Kestrel Land Trust has been able to preserve a place that was so special to me, and likely to many people before me. Now it will be protected into the future, for many others to enjoy as well.

That’s what Kestrel member Daniel Kasal told us when he found our Nature Retreat in Westhampton, the Greenberg Family Conservation Area.

Where are the special places YOU love in the Valley? What would you do protect them?

For all the reasons that the Valley’s forests, farms, and trails matter to you, consider how simple it is to help ensure these lands will be there not only for you and your family today, but for so many others to come.

People like you make land conservation possible. Yearly financial support from our members enables Kestrel Land Trust to ensure that you will always have natural places to explore, that wildlife will always have a home in the Valley, that local farms will always provide healthy food, and that local forests will help sustain our planet’s climate.

A gift of any amount makes you a Kestrel Land Trust member for one year: You decide how much all of this is worth to you.

Your support makes sure that Kestrel’s team can:

  • respond to urgent conservation opportunities,
  • help landowners protect the future of their land,
  • create welcoming nature areas for everyone to enjoy,
  • connect people from all walks of life to nature and each other, and
  • care for our protected lands, forever!

You’ll help make all of this possible when you become a member or renew your membership during our Spring Membership Drive.

Membership Benefits: As a member, you’ll receive Kestrel’s newsletter —“Your Valley”—mailed three times a year, our twice-monthly eNews with inspiration and resources to help connect to the Valley, advance notice of special members’ only events like our annual Community Picnic, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping ensure the special places you love will be protected today and for the future.

Plus, when you make a gift between now and the end of June, you’ll be entered into our weekly Prize Drawing! Each contribution (including every monthly recurring gift between May and June) will be entered in a drawing for an assortment of prizes provided by local businesses that love the Valley!

For gifts made between the following dates, you get a chance to win these prizes:

And for ANY gift made during our spring membership drive, you are entered to win a $100 gift card to the Kestrel shop in Northampton! 

WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO? Invite a friend to join: Scroll down for links to share this page with others who care about the land like you do.

Membership drive

Thank you for joining us in caring for the Valley we all love!

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