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We’ve Made a Promise to the Valley!

Thanks to supporters like you, we raised more than $5.6 million so that we can conserve 5,000 acres within the next 5 years!

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The Valley is your home. You know it’s special, because of the land and because of the people.

Yet the future seems increasingly uncertain. It’s a time when life feels fragile, especially for vulnerable wildlife and people. Land is rapidly being lost to development. In New England, we’re losing 24,000 acres each year, and our Valley is experiencing this pressure head on.

This is a loss we can’t afford to ignore: Our forests play an important role in slowing climate change, and our farmlands hold some of the best soils in the world for growing healthy, local food. At the same time, people are spending less time outdoors and many need better access to public parks and trails.

That’s why we must accelerate the pace of conservation to protect the forests, farms, and trails that make our Valley a great place to live. But we can’t do it without you…

Why Now? Read Our Case Statement

The future of the Valley is in your hands.

For more than 50 years, communities have trusted Kestrel Land Trust to help conserve the land that sustains us all. As Kestrel launches our next 50 years of service to the Valley, the Promise to the Valley campaign will support:

View of the Pioneer Valley farmland and hills, photo by Michael Zide

to conserve 5,000+ acres of woodlands, wildlands, and farmland

$3 million

Special places mpa graphic with captions for various locations

to care for 7 special places around the Valley, including Kestrel’s new headquarters

$1.5 million

a diverse group of kids walking in the woods

to create miles of new public trails, greenways, and natural parks


Other ways to Keep the Promise Going

Legacy Giving
Donating Securities & Appreciated Assets

The Promise to the Valley campaign is over, but you can still make an impact by mailing your gift to:

Kestrel Land Trust
PO Box 1016
Amherst, MA 01004

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