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Pemberton Memorial Forest

Pelham, MA
Forest with Hiking Trails
Easy to moderate

Located off Arnold Rd., the 53-acre Pemberton Memorial Forest is situated among several conservation areas, including Kestrel’s 78-acre natural area to the east, and the Town of Pelham’s Butter Hill Wildlife Sanctuary to the south. Old woods roads and user-created footpaths currently make available an informal network of trails suitable for hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. In coming years, Kestrel and the Town of Pelham will collaborate to formalize and improve the trail system while improving parking and access points.

NOTE: Hunting is allowed in the Pemberton Memorial Forest in late fall, during the two-week deer shotgun season only. This is typically the two weeks following the Thanksgiving holiday starting on Monday, but please see MassWildlife for annual dates.

Learn more about the public access uses for this conservation area here: Pemberton Public Access Plan

Tell Us About Your Visit

What You Can Do There

What to Look For

  • Red maple swamp
  • Vernal pool bounded by old dam
  • Native azalea plant growing to the right of trail entrance
  • Colorful fall foliage

This is a Great Place For

  • Hikers
  • Birders
  • Families with young children

You Should Know

  • A public access plan is available here and on the Town of Pelham website
  • Access and trail improvements will be ongoing for several years
  • Hunting is allowed during the two-week shotgun period only (see dates here)

Contact for More Information

Town of Pelham Conservation Commission
351 Amherst Road, Pelham, MA 01002
(413) 461-8224

Kestrel Land Trust
Contact Us Here

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