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Pemberton Memorial Forest

Pelham, MA
Forest with Hiking Trails
Easy to moderate

Located off Arnold Rd., the 53-acre Pemberton Memorial Forest is situated among several conservation areas, including Kestrel’s 78-acre natural area to the east, and the Town of Pelham’s Butter Hill Wildlife Sanctuary to the south. Old woods roads and user-created footpaths currently make available an informal network of trails suitable for hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. In coming years, Kestrel and the Town of Pelham will collaborate to formalize and improve the trail system while improving parking and access points.

NOTE: Hunting is allowed in the Pemberton Memorial Forest in late fall, during the two-week deer shotgun season only. Please see MassWildlife for annual dates.

Learn more about the public access uses for this conservation area here: Pemberton Public Access Plan

Tell Us About Your Visit

What You Can Do There

What to Look For

  • Red maple swamp
  • Vernal pool bounded by old dam
  • Native azalea plant growing to the right of trail entrance
  • Colorful fall foliage

This is a Great Place For

  • Hikers
  • Birders
  • Families with young children

You Should Know

  • A public access plan is available here and on the Town of Pelham website
  • Access and trail improvements will be ongoing for several years
  • Hunting is allowed during the two-week shotgun period only (see dates here)

Contact for More Information

Town of Pelham Conservation Commission
351 Amherst Road, Pelham, MA 01002
(413) 461-8224

Kestrel Land Trust
Contact Us Here

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