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Gail Berrigan headshotGail has a background in operations and organizational development and more than a decade of experience in non-profit administration. She has an executive certificate in organizational consulting and change leadership from Georgetown University and an M.S. in ecological design from the Conway School. Prior to joining Kestrel, she worked with national animal protection organizations for close to 15 years. Her experience as a volunteer with a land trust in West Virginia and a water quality advocacy group in Baltimore led her to shift her focus to conservation. Gail has been coming to the Valley all her life; her mother grew up in Greenfield and picked cucumbers and tobacco on local farms in the summers.

In addition to working with Kestrel, Gail helps protect land, water, and wildlife habitat as a member of her local conservation commission and as a trustee of the Rattlesnake Gutter Trust in Leverett, where she lives with her husband and a headstrong rescued retriever mix.

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