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Kestrel Takes Action Against Climate Change with Fossil Fuel Divestment

Kestrel’s mission to conserve and care for forests, farms, and riverways in the Valley protects the future health of our planet. The work we do is impacted by—and has an impact on—the crisis of climate change that is now defining our future. The overwhelming scientific consensus is that the burning of fossil fuels is warming our planet and threatening our global life support systems.

That’s why Kestrel’s Board of Trustees voted to eliminate equity holdings in companies owning fossil fuel reserves in all of the long-term endowment accounts that support our work. By avoiding investment in fossil fuel industries, we send a strong message in support of renewable energy that fits with our responsibility for the health of the planet. Kestrel’s Trustees believe that divestment is an appropriate ethical, financial, and ecological decision. We began the divestment process in the second quarter of 2017 and completed it for 2018.

Learn more about fossil fuel divestment in the land trust community from the Land Trust Alliance.



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