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Jennifer Soper, MA DCR

Jen Soper is a Land Conservation Specialist with MA Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Do you ever want to just go outside and get some fresh air to clear your head (even before COVID)? Chances are pretty good that if you live in the Kestrel community, your walk will “touch” a Kestrel-protected place. I have enjoyed the pleasure of working with Kestrel Land Trust since the late 1980’s when I started administering state and federal grant programs designed to acquire and preserve undeveloped land. A site visit on a project associated with Kestrel ALWAYS means a chance to do something good—protect high quality natural resources—and have a good day, regardless of the weather. The Range, the Valley, and our neighborhoods are more vibrant and fun because of the work they do.

Photo: Trail on the Granby side of the Mt. Holyoke Range State Park, fall 2015

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