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Head in the Clouds 2024 Calendar Supports the Land

Sharon Vardatira is a cloud spotter, photographer and creator of the “Head in the Clouds Amherst” blog, a forum for exploring the intersection between life and weather.

Once again, she has produced a dramatic calendar featuring photos of our region showcasing the changing seasons from the farmlands to the rivers, lakes, hills and trails of Western Massachusetts, including some of the lands Kestrel has helped conserve. The calendar also highlights fascinating astronomical, historical, and meteorological events in Amherst and New England from the last 400 years.

“As a community of cloud spotters, nature enthusiasts, and landscape photographers, we at Head in the Clouds Amherst have a special appreciation for the beauty and diversity of our natural surroundings,” Sharon said.

“So when I decided to donate the proceeds of our annual wall calendar to a local nonprofit, Kestrel Land Trust just made sense. By donating to Kestrel, we are helping to protect the natural heritage and resources of our home, not only for our own community, but so that future generations can enjoy the wonders of land and sky.”

The proceeds from sales of this calendar will be generously donated to Kestrel Land Trust. Calendars are $20 and can be ordered online or purchased at Amherst Books.

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