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#GivingTuesday: Be Part of the Natural Climate Solution!

#GivingTuesday: Be Part Of The Natural Climate Solution!

“Mom, I heard we only have 12 years to stop climate change.” Lots of parents in the Valley and around the world are hearing their kids say things like this.

Giving Tuesday 2019Our children are hearing about the alarming headlines—forest fires, loss of birds and other species, powerful storms, rising sea levels—and they’re frightened about the future of our planet.

Climate change activists like Greta Thunberg and her peers are demanding to know what we—the adults in charge—are doing to address the impacts of a rapidly warming world.

Fortunately, we have a solution right here in the Pioneer Valley, and by supporting Kestrel Land Trust, you are part of this solution.

That’s because nature itself provides one of the most effective ways of combating climate change. Conserving our forests, wetlands, and soils could cut global carbon dioxide emissions by 12 gigatons each year, roughly equal to emissions from all the world’s coal-fired power plants. In fact, the New England landscape is more than 80 percent forested, which means our forests play a globally important role in storing carbon to reduce the impacts of climate change.

During #GivingTuesday, your gift to Kestrel will help make our Valley’s forests and farms part of the natural climate solution, enabling our team to work with landowners, municipalities, and other conservation organizations to protect local land and combat the climate crisis.

Time is short and there is much more land to protect in our Valley.

Help us reach our goal! Kestrel’s Board is generously matching up to $10,000 on Giving Tuesday!

Please make a generous gift today or anytime through midnight on December 3! Our Valley—and the Earth itself—needs you right now!


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