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#ValleyGivingTuesday: Create Parks and Trails for Everyone

#ValleyGivingTuesday: Create Parks And Trails For Everyone

Did you know that children ages 8 to 18 now spend, on average, 5 to 8 hours per day on electronic devices, but only 4 to 7 MINUTES in unstructured play outdoors? The impact is significant, as research demonstrates that being out in nature improves mental and emotional well being in addition to physical health.

With your support, Kestrel Land Trust is working to ensure that trails, parks, and conservation areas close to home are accessible to children and adults in our region. As little as 15 minutes a day spent outdoors can help alleviate stress, improve memory, enhance creativity, and relieve symptoms of depression. The benefits are especially clear for youngsters: those who play outside are happier and do better in school.

At a time when public funding for land conservation is dwindling and federal politicians are undermining the value of our public lands, your support is especially essential to conserving and caring for local parks and trails in the Valley.

On #ValleyGivingTuesday your gift will help Kestrel Land Trust continue to conserve and care for special places near you – woodlands, wildlands, and farmland – for the enjoyment of future generations before it is too late. Beyond human health, the many benefits of permanently conserving forests and other natural areas include preserving wildlife habitat, helping maintain clean air and water, and even mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Since 1970, Kestrel has worked in partnership with towns and public agencies to secure and expand access to lands across the Valley–big iconic places like the Mount Holyoke Range as well as dozens of smaller town conservation areas that make it easy for Valley residents to get outside close to home.

You know the Valley is full of special places. Help share them with others: Join us for #ValleyGivingTuesday!

Special thanks to our lead annual business sponsor for partnering with us in 2018.

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