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Giving Tuesday: The Power of Nature’s Gifts

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Giving Tuesday

Where were your first happy outdoor memories made? Whether it was a family picnic in a park or fishing along a stream or hiking on a mountain, these places gave you something special, something only being outdoors can give.

Parks, trails and public conservation areas help us meet the deeply rooted need to nurture our ties to nature. These ties can help us heal our body and mind, provide us emotional or spiritual refuge, and help us build bonds with each other.

How do we know? These are true stories from real people like you:

“I’m a resident of Florence and a big fan of Kestrel’s Greenberg Family Conservation Area in Westhampton. In the early months of the pandemic, I took my young children there weekly and it was an absolute refuge!” —Sarah Marcus

Another person shared their experience:

“In late 2020, I was hit by a car. While I was fortunate that I had no severe injuries, the emotional and physical recovery was quite a journey. I often struggled to manage the stress and anxiety that were the aftermath of that traumatic event, but I found my refuge outdoors. I was able to gain some peace and solace in the woods and fields around us, many of which Kestrel has helped to preserve. Being able to access such a powerful resource for healing is something for which I am deeply grateful. I’m sure there are many similar stories of people with thanks in their hearts for the gift of nature in times of trouble and for Kestrel’s efforts to be sure it never disappears.” Anonymous member

Children with flowers at pond
Children with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Hampshire County enjoyed their first canoeing experience this summer with Kestrel and Adventure East.

Unfortunately, even in the Valley not everyone has ready access to this kind of refuge, and many people aren’t aware these public spaces are available to them. Kestrel is working to change that—and you can help.

When you join us on Giving Tuesday, you’ll support our partnership with social justice nonprofits like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Northampton Parents Center, Hadley Northampton Family Connection, and Community Action Pioneer Valley.  With our new Revive Outside program, we’re providing these organizations that serve young people and families the chance to experience the mental health benefits of being outdoors:

“After months of Zoom gatherings, our group was provided with a fun, restorative outing to get to know each other in person. Youth were introduced to the practice of mindfulness in nature, and were able to experience these conservation areas as resources to support their mental, physical, and emotional health. There was a sense of adventure, joy, and connection during our trips.” —Staff from Community Action Pioneer Valley, Youth Partnership Council

Conserving land and water is not a luxury for some, but a necessity for all people. When you join us on Giving Tuesday, you can help create more powerful experiences like this for youth, families, and people like you throughout the Valley. Your gift, no matter the size, will make a difference.

GivingTuesday 2022 button

On Giving Tuesday, join us to ensure that everyone can have access to the powerful benefits of nature. At the same time, your gift will help save forests to fight climate change, protect wildlife habitat, and ensure local farms can thrive.

The land is always here for us—to help us heal, to offer refuge, or simply to live a healthier life. Let’s make sure we will always have these places to return to for generations to come. Thank you!


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