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Give Back to Your Valley

For over half a century, the love of the land from people like you has given Kestrel Land Trust the inspiration and ability to protect the special places you care about. Our work is only possible because hundreds of people give their time and financial support to make it happen.


Nearly all of Kestrel’s operating budget comes from individual people like you who love the land in our Valley. That support enables us to conserve farms, forests, and wildlands; take care of those lands forever; and create ways to reconnect people to nature to ensure future generations care about the land too.

“The Valley is my home, and I’ve supported Kestrel for many years because I know they are always working to save the places that matter to me.”

Anne Cann, Amherst


Passionate volunteers have been the driving force behind Kestrel Land Trust for more than 50 years. People of all ages who care about the land and are willing to give their time are essential to our work. Get involved by joining one of our volunteer crews!

“I volunteer with Kestrel Land Trust because I love my place: western Massachusetts, New England, Earth. I do it because I believe we need to be loving stewards of the land and the web of life it supports.”

Ann Hallstein, Easthampton

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