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Daniel Kasal, Belchertown

When I was growing up in Westhampton, I was a free-range kid. I’d head out into the woods with my loyal dog, spending hours in the trees and streams near my house. The woods seemed endless and I’d follow the trails until my growling stomach or the fading light sent me home. I still spend as much time as I can outdoors. This year, when I was looking for a new spot to visit with my partner, I saw that Kestrel had provided access to a newer trail system, the Greenberg Family Conservation Area. My partner Jess and I followed the path down to the river and something tugged at my memory. On a hunch, I suggested a turn down the path. Sure enough, my feet led us up the hill to my childhood home.

I’m so grateful that Kestrel Land Trust has been able to preserve a place that was so special to me, and likely to many people before me. Now it will be protected into the future, for many others to enjoy as well.

Photo: Daniel and Jess sitting by the stream at Greenberg Family Conservation Area, in spring 2020.

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