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Conserving Your Land

Your land is an important financial asset, but it’s likely much more than that to you or your family.

Land means different things to different people: family heritage, working landscapes, habitat for plants and animals, solace and solitude, artistic inspiration, or simply a connection to place.

Every landowners’ situation is unique, so we can help you understand the natural resource values on your land, and what your conservation options are. Then, we can guide you through the steps to permanently preserve your land in a way that best meets your goals.

For a quick overview of things to consider, watch the video at the right from our partners at UMass Amherst, MassWoods.

You have options

You care about the future of your land, and there are a number of ways you can make sure the things you value about it will be there for generations to come. The main options are through a Conservation Restriction (CR), an Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR), or an outright gift or sale of your land.

How does it work?

1. Walk & Talk

You’ll meet with a Kestrel representative to get to started. You may walk the land together, look at maps at the kitchen table, and talk about your goals for your land.

2. Due Diligence

There are a lot of details involved in conserving land. Kestrel helps you engage consultants to determine the value of your land, get legal advice, and confirm boundary lines.

3. Pick Your Partners

Kestrel has strong working relationships with local, state, and federal partners, as well as other conservation organizations in the Valley. We work with you to find the best partners to make your project successful.

4. Do the Math

Donating your land makes the math easy. But if you want to sell your land or its development rights, Kestrel will work to find potential funding sources, like public grants and private contributions to cover that cost. There are a lot of options, and Kestrel knows how to find the best fit.

5. Close the Deal

After the funds are secured and the legal work is done, you are ready to finish the deal. Sometimes it takes a year or more to complete a project, so the best gift a landowner can give is often the gift of patience. Once the deal is closed, it’s time to celebrate!

6. Make it Last

After your land is conserved, our stewardship team ensures that the purposes for which it was protected are honored forever. Learn how we do that, and how to care for your land yourself.

Have questions about how to best conserve your property?

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