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Public Lands

Public lands are for everyone! While some conserved lands are privately owned, many are owned by a town or city, a state agency, or the federal government. That means they are yours.

Public lands guarantee access for recreation, such as hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, fishing, or hunting. The types of activities allowed at a particular place vary depending on the type of public land it is. Public lands can also protect drinking water and provide habitat for wildlife.

Kestrel works with all levels of government to conserve lands like these. Our current regional focus areas include the state park within the Mount Holyoke and Mount Tom Ranges and land along the Connecticut River within the Silvio O. Conte National Fish & Wildlife Refuge. Locally, we partner with Amherst, Northampton, Belchertown, Westhampton, and other towns throughout the Pioneer Valley to create conservation areas for the community.


Featured Public Land Projects

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