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Trail Maps for Everyone

We have an abundant array of natural places to get outdoors in the Pioneer Valley. The challenge can be knowing where to find these places and what to do once you get there. Our Trail Maps for Everyone provide a guide for you to explore conservation areas and public trails around the Valley.

This trail map collection offers a suggested walking route for each location that can be completed in about an hour or less. These routes don’t require any special gear other than walking shoes, and can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Each PDF contains 2 pages: a trail map on one side and the description with highlights and directions on the other.

Use these maps to feel comfortable exploring a trail you haven’t seen before. You may even discover there’s a place close to home that you didn’t know about!

NOTE: There may be other trails on the property that are not shown on these maps. Please contact us if you find that a map needs clarification or if something has changed along the trail–we welcome your input to improve them!


KLT-Trails-2-Mineral-Hills-v1Mineral Hills


KLT-Trails-3-Saw-Mill-Hills-v1Sawmill Hills
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