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Sights & Sounds of Vernal Pools

April 13

Wood frog and egg mass in vernal pool

When you walk through the woods in the early spring, have you seen a large puddle or small pond that wasn’t there in the summer? It’s likely you’re seeing a vernal pool: a small, shallow depression in a woodland that floods with the snowmelt in spring. Because they are generally isolated from streams and rivers, vernal pools don’t host fish, so they serve as essential breeding habitat for amphibians like salamanders and frogs, and other tiny wildlife species.

On Saturday, April 13 (time and location to come), join Kestrel and distinguished biology professor Steve Tilley to explore the fascinating life cycles that take place in these unique spring features of our forests.

Steve Tilley is the Myra A. Sampson Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences at Smith College.

Space is limited to 20 participants and registration will open in March. 


April 13
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