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Art in Nature Gallery

Whether you are 5 years old or 75, we can all find calm and creativity in nature. During this challenging time, we’re inviting people to spend some time outdoors and then create a nature-inspired piece of art from the experience. If you’re inspired by what you see here, then create your own piece and send it to us to be part of the gallery!

 All forms of nature art are welcome:

  • Create art in your own yard using natural materials like dry leaves, sticks, moss, rocks, feathers or found objects. (Of course, please don’t disturb live plants or animals!)
  • Make a sketch or a painting of something in nature.
  • Create a collage of natural materials or found objects.
  • Take an artful nature photograph.

How to submit your art*:

Take a quality photo of your creation, and save as a JPG or PNG. (Files size shouldn’t exceed 10MB.) Email the photo to, with your full name, town, and age (if a child).


Click on each image to see the full size artwork!


*Submitted artworks will be showcased here and may be used for marketing purposes by Kestrel Land Trust. Submissions may also be shared on Kestrel’s social media pages. Artworks must not be watermarked by any external source, cannot have any company logos, trademarks or otherwise display copyrighted content which does not belong to the Participant. Personal logos and signatures are allowed. The submitted artwork must be original, owned by the Participant, and should in no way violate intellectual property rights. Kestrel reserves the right not to publicly display submissions that are offensive or contain adult content.

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