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Andy Morris-Friedman, Hadley

Congratulations to Kestrel for 50 great years of land preservation throughout the Valley. One of the reasons our precious Valley has been able to maintain the balance between economic sustainability and preservation is because of their contributions. Personally, I’ve been involved in two of their successful conservation projects in Hadley: Save the Mountain and The Friends of Lake Warner, two of the most popular and accessible natural resources in our area.

Save The Mountain was like a comet streaking across the sky, a perfect coalition of public, private, local and state stake holders that saved our emerald crown of mountains to be loved by generations to come. There is still plenty of the Mount Holyoke Range whose future is in doubt, but those 32 acres are out of danger in an expanded state park. The work to save Lake Warner was a little bumpier but no less important. The 340-year-old mill pond is an important part of Hadley’s local history, and its easy access serves as an introduction to people eager to have their first natural experiences.

Thank you Kestrel for all your past good works, and I look forward to the next 50 years.

Photo: View from the summit.

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