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Annual Reports


Your Valley: Spring 2024

WHAT’S INSIDE: Welcome to Bright Water Bog at Ames Pond, Landowners Make Gifts for Wildlands Conservation,
Teaming Up to Improve Long-Distance Trails

Your Valley: Winter 2023-2024

WHAT’S INSIDE: The Science of Saving Biodiversity, Beavers as Ecosystem Engineers, How to Build Community with Books

Your Valley: Fall 2023

WHAT’S INSIDE: Meeting Community Needs in New Ways, Making Space for Wildlands, Going Native for Plants & Pollinators

Your Valley: Spring 2023

WHAT’S INSIDE: The Magic of Mount Toby, Growing Success for Immigrant Farmers, The Dirt on Trails

Your Valley: Winter 2022-2023

WHAT’S INSIDE: WHAT’S INSIDE: The Search for a Green Cemetery, Drinking Water: From Forest to Faucet; Secrets of the Saw-whet Owl

Valley Views Spring 2022

Your Valley: Spring 2022

WHAT’S INSIDE: The 10,000-Acre Forest Conservation Puzzle; Artists Capture a Landscape for All Seasons; Trail Camera Introduces Our Wild Neighbors

Spring Your Valley

Your Valley: Spring 2021

WHAT’S INSIDE: 2,038 Acres Conserved for Working Forest; Secret World of Wildlife at Whately Center Woods; Recognizing Native Names for Local Lands

Your Valley: Fall 2020

WHAT’S INSIDE: Race, Justice, and the Land; Our Mountains Matter: Saving the Valley’s Uplands; Most Successful Kestrel Nest Box Season—Ever!

Your Valley: Fall-Winter 2019

WHAT’S INSIDE: Local Forests Are a Natural Climate Solution; Immigrants’ Dreams Take Root on Conserved Farmland; Bringing the Robert Frost Trail Into the Future

Your Valley: Winter 2018-2019

WHAT’S INSIDE: Crossing the Finish Line: Kestrel’s Final Hadley 5K for Farmland; All Ages Find Magic in the Woods; Holyoke Teens Come Together for Trails

Your Valley: Spring 2018

WHAT’S INSIDE: Connecting UMass Students to the Land; The Value of a View: Energy to Conserve Eversource Land; One Couple’s Woodland Becomes a Forest for All, Forever

Valley Views: Spring 2017

WHAT’S INSIDE: Pelham Forest: Education Protects Our Planet’s Future; Saving Foxcroft Farm; Kestrel Divests from Fossil Fuels

Valley Views: Fall 2016

WHAT’S INSIDE: Friends Groups Support local conservation lands; Painting the View from Mt. Holyoke; Flourishing Kestrel Chicks

Valley Views: Winter 2015-2016

WHAT’S INSIDE: Dorie Goldman Memorial Trail Opens Paths and Hearts; Lessons from the Land Reach Asia’s Next Generation; The Most Important Conservation Tool You’ve Never Heard Of

Valley Views: Winter 2014-2015

WHAT’S INSIDE: Conservation Restriction Saves Barstow’s Farm for Future Generations; Conte Refuge Fort River Trail Welcomes Explorers; How the Oxen Helped the Toad

Valley Views: Winter 2013-2014

WHAT’S INSIDE: Kestrel Land Trust Awarded National Accreditation; Anonymous Gift Sparks Mt. Holyoke Range Protection Project; Kestrel Board Trustee Named TNC Conservationist of the Year

Valley Views: Spring 2013

WHAT’S INSIDE: A New Era of Stewardship in Northampton; Conserving 88 Acres at Belchertown’s Meads Corner; Board Trustees Offer Expertise and Dedication

Your Valley: Fall 2022

WHAT’S INSIDE: Celebrating the Success of the Promise to the Valley; Lathrop Community Makes a Commitment to the Land; Robert Frost Trail Revival in Action

Your Valley Newsletter Cover 2021-22

Your Valley: Winter 2021-2022

WHAT’S INSIDE: Bringing Conservation to the Community; New Mount Tom Trail Race is a Winner; Creating Welcoming Trails for All

Your Valley Fall 2021

Your Valley: Fall 2021

WHAT’S INSIDE: Saving the Last Family Farms; 140 Acres of Wildlands Gifted for Art & Nature; Girl Scout Helps Care for Streams

Your Valley: Winter 2020-2021

WHAT’S INSIDE: 50 Years of Connecting People & the Land; New Food Bank Farm Grows Food for All; The Passionate People Who Shaped Kestrel

Your Valley: Spring 2020

WHAT’S INSIDE: Kestrel Founder’s Family Forest Conserved for All; Neighbors Rally to Create Whately Center Woods; How to Care for Each Other & the Land

Your Valley: Summer 2019

WHAT’S INSIDE: Why the River Needs the Land; Helping Young Women Find Their Voice Outdoors; Fighting the Good Fight Against Invasives

Your Valley: Spring 2019

WHAT’S INSIDE: Towns Rally to Save Local Farms; How Farmland Can Benefit the Birds; Holyoke Partnerships for Youth on the Horizon

Your Valley: Summer 2018

WHAT’S INSIDE: Old Growth Forests Have Their Champions; New “Mader Town Forest” Honors History Professor; Holyoke Teens Reflect on What They Learned from the Forest

Valley Views: Fall 2017

WHAT’S INSIDE: Protecting Best-Tasting Drinking Water; Community Transforms Greenberg Trails; Conserving a Forest, a Farm, and a Millpond

Valley Views: Winter 2016

WHAT’S INSIDE: One Family’s Generosity Benefits Generations to Come; Expanding Horizons for Young People; Election Impacts on Land Conservation

Valley Views: Spring 2016

WHAT’S INSIDE: Special Places Need Your Vote; Saving North Hadley’s Historic Mill Pond; Ann Kearn’s Legacy

Valley Views: Summer 2015

WHAT’S INSIDE: Hampshire College Conserves Land on Mt. Holyoke Range; Building Bridges at Scarborough Brook; Invasive Plants: Can’t Beat ‘Em? Eat ‘Em!

Valley Views: Spring 2014

WHAT’S INSIDE: Mt. Holyoke Range Protection Project; Spring Town Meeting Vote Key to Conservation Success; Lake Warner’s Historic Dam Repair

Valley Views: Fall 2013

WHAT’S INSIDE: Smith’s MacLeish Field Station Permanently Protected: Amethyst Brook Protected Through Local Generosity; Kestrel Nest Boxes Yield New Generation of Falcons

Valley Views: Winter 2012-2013

WHAT’S INSIDE: Elusive Saw-Whet Owls Documented in Belchertown; Enhanced Tax Incentive an Essential Land Conservation Tool; Grants Boost Conservation Acreage in Three Towns

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