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Helping you conserve, care for, and connect to the forests, farms, and riverways that make the Pioneer Valley a great place to live.

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Berry Farm In Mist

A Farmer’s ‘Pie in the Sky’ Dream Comes True with Conserved Farmland

What could be sweeter than picking sun-warmed organic strawberries, grown in the world-famous Connecticut River…

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Sunrise in the woods
People at sunset in a field
Places to Love in the Valley
Grassy field at Kestrel's Dyer Conservation Area
Pond at Scarborough Brook Conservation Area in spring
Two streams merge in the woods at Amethyst Brook

“I will never forget the first time I drove into the Valley, my car loaded with my belongings as I transplanted my life from Texas to Northampton. I was completely awestruck by the wide-open beauty of the Valley’s fields, farms, and hillsides. Fifteen years later, it is still something I hold so dear and appreciate every day now that I have settled and started a family here.”

— Page Brody, Northampton


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