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19 Towns. One Valley.

One Mission.

Kestrel Land Trust's mission is to conserve and care for forests, farms, and riverways in the Pioneer Valley, while nurturing an enduring love of the land.

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Climate Crisis: Be Part of the Solution

Your gift to Kestrel today is a powerful way to help address our planet's climate crisis.


Worldwide, deforestation is responsible for 10% of carbon emissions each year -- almost as much as the world's vehicles.


Permanently protecting forests prevents the release of carbon stored in their trees. Since living trees sequester carbon, they also help reduce the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


We need more local forests to be protected, forever.


Your gift to Kestrel today will help protect thousands of acres of forest -- from Shutesbury and Pelham to Westhampton and Williamsburg -- preserving wooded places for recreation and wildlife habitat AND capturing carbon: a key strategy for slowing climate change.


Read more here about how Kestrel is advancing key forest conservation projects in the Valley.



Get Outside: Winter Wildlife Tracking

Even if there isn’t much snow, wildlife often leave signs of their presence. Join naturalist John Body at Marble Brook in Northampton to look for animal signs on Saturday, February 18 from 10 am to noon. In the past, we’ve seen signs of coyote, fox, porcupine, beaver, and the fierce fisher. Use your senses to find the wildlife that surrounds you!

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2 New Conservation Areas Coming to 3 Towns

Kestrel Land Trust is pleased to announce two new woodland conservation areas that are being established in three of the Valley’s hilltowns of Pelham, Williamsburg, and Hatfield. These projects are made possible by the generosity of landowners, private donations, CPA fund commitments, partnerships with municipalities, and major grants from the state.

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